Donna Redmond

Director Practitioner

M.A. Clinical PsychAn., M.A. Irish Lit., M.A. Irish Theatre and Culture, B.A. PsychAn., Member I.C.P., I.F.P.P. Registered Practitioner A.P.P.I.

Donna works with adults, children and adolescents in Dublin.  Donna received her psychoanalytic training at St. Vincents University Hospital, Dublin and with Espace Analytic Paris. Her interests in the Arts led her to complete two further Master qualifications in Irish Literature and in Irish Theatre and Culture. Donna is a Senior Lecturer at Independent Colleges, Dublin.

Donna has been in practice for over a decade and currently works with the Youth Health Service, Cork, a unique service in Ireland which offers a full range of supportive services to young people aged 14-21 years. In the past she has worked with various agencies as a psychoanalyst including the Drugs Task Force, the Department of the Environment with the long term unemployed, the charity Console and several secondary schools. 

Donna's main area of interest is in the area of psychological distress manifesting in individuals under 21 years. Through her work with adolescents she is keenly aware of the difficulties that can arise for young people with regard to sexuality, socialization and finding meaning in life. She has a keen interest in understanding the diagnosis of post-natal depression and examining its impact within the parent-child relationship.

Phone: 087 648 6379