GP Information

What to expect when you refer a patient to Leeson Analytic Centre


Each of our therapists is fully qualified, fully accredited and with a minimum of five years’ clinical experience. In addition many have pursued further training in a variety of modalities (trauma-informed practice, CBT, etc.) and in specialised training (for instance addiction, eating disorders, the treatment of gender and sexuality issues, sexual dysfunction).

Liaison Between GP and Therapist

Our clients are self referred and referred by GPs, psychiatrists and other clinical colleagues.

We have a selection of brochures and materials available for you which you may share with a patient when suggesting that they contact us for treatment. We offer our clients a guarantee of confidentiality but we appreciate that the feedback in relation to progress of the treatment can be very valuable to the GP who often feels a sense of responsibility for the total care of the patient over the long-term.

Situations in which such liaison may be especially important are:

  • cases in which management of a psychiatric illness is a feature
  • where there is a risk of self harm including suicide.
  • certain cases of eating disorder in which medical management is an important feature.

Opportunity to Consult

We offer GPs the opportunity to consult with one of our Directors regarding a particular patient to ensure the best possible therapeutic intervention.


Our primary objective is to provide the highest level of professional and clinical care to our clients.