Adult Therapy

Meeting regularly with a psychotherapist or psychoanalyst can be one of the most important steps a person takes on the road to better mental health. Dedicating the time and commitment to this has proven, in our experience, to work in the alleviation of a range of personal difficulties. These difficulties can include depression, obsessional thinking, eating disorders, anxiety, sexuality issues, relationship difficulties, loneliness and isolation and chronic fatigue. Working with a therapist over a period of time is an important and active step toward a better sense of self, better relationships and overall good mental health.

At Leeson Analytic Centre (LAC), psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, ‘child and adolescent therapy, and relationship counselling is available. To arrange, it’s as simple as picking up the phone or sending an email request. Each of our therapists has been trained to the highest standards and has been practising for a minimum of five years, is fully accredited and is bound by a code of ethics.

All therapists at Leeson Analytic Centre are fully trained in adult psychotherapy.