Damien McKenna

Damien is a qualified counselling psychologist who specialises in working with children and adolescents.

Having obtained is psychology degree, Damien spent over ten years working young children adolescents in a community setting. This garnered a deep understanding of the development, struggles and coping skills children encounter and deal with as they go through the testing and joyful time of youth.

For the last eight years following the completion of an M.Sc in Counselling Psychology from Trinity College Dublin, Damien has been working with children and their families in his private practice: Space Therapy Centre.

“It is my belief that children and adolescents have a unique ability to deal with the joyful and testing time of youth in their own individual ways. Traditional talk therapy or behavioral management has its place in child and adolescent lives but it does not always fit for their developmental stage or personality. Providing alternative and creative ways to deal with the specific needs and life challenges of children and adolescents can be key.”