Marie Walshe

MA Psychoanalysis, PostGrad.Cert. Family Therapy, PostGrad. Dip. PsyAn Studies, Regd Practitioner APPI, Member ICP

Marie Walshe is a psychoanalyst, supervisor and Director of the Leeson Analytic Centre. She offers a psychoanalytically-informed treatment for a variety of psychological issues to adults, children and couples.

Marie’s clients have ranged in age from 4 to 94. She accepts referrals from individuals, GPs, and a variety of agencies. As such, her experience has been extensive and she privileges her continuing professional development as a clinician. To this end, she has trained in Systemic therapy, Mentalisation Based Therapy and trauma-informed therapy to better serve her clients.

As well as her clinical practice, Marie has contributed articles to various peer journals including The Letter, and a chapter to a textbook on child psychoanalysis in Ireland. She has also lectured on the practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy to post-graduate programmes in Ireland and the UK.

Currently, she is a Board Member of the Freud Lacan institute, she serves on the Editorial Board for the Lacunae journal and she has previously been an Executive Member of the Association for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Ireland.

087 234 3514